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More than a month before it was needed, a friend of Nini's parents asked if Nini could design a cake for an 80 year old retired banker. Of course that is a question that any cake artist worth the name will answer in the affirmative, more so since the friend who was placing the order is based in the U.S..

Before leaving for vacation and after she returned, Nini's Mom did most of the research on cake ideas for a banker's cake. Google searches didn't show too many good examples. A cake in the shape of a Parthenon style classic building would have been fun to make but the bank we had to work with has never been associated with classic building styles. One option was a 3d piggybank. Another was a stack of paper bills with a banker sitting on top.

Nini had final exams during the days when she was supposed to work on the cake. This meant that she worked under a lot of stress and also didn't have the luxury of time. A boxlike safe with a drawstring bag of coins (also with cake inside) didn't seem to require much work. Store bought chocolate gold coins were also an easy finishing touch. To make the cake less materialistic, Nini's Mom suggested that the words "More precious than gold is a Father's Love" be added to the cake, not just the usual Happy Birthday. Three days before the cake was due, Nini traced the BPI bank insignia  on a piece of acetate, using royal icing and a technique known as color flow. After two days, the insignia could be peeled off the acetate and be ready to decorate whichever spot would be perfect for it. 

Only after photos of the finished cake were posted on facebook did the owner notice that Nini had the wrong bank (too bad because the color scheme was meant to go with the BPI red, gold, black, and white logo).. Shows you what can happen when one works under stress. Anyway, when told that the bank was PCI Bank, and not BPI, Nini's Mom googled for PCIB logos but found nothing, since PCI merged with Equitable, which was purchased some years later and was absorbed by Banco de Oro.Fortunately, Nini's Father remembered what the PCI Bank logo looked like. Nini didn't have much time since she had to run for an exam. All she could do was make a PCI Bank insignia with cut-out rolled fondant, place this where the BPI logo had been, and pack the cake for delivery. There was no time to add additional elements that would go with the green logo.

The BPI cake got likes from friends associated with BPI. The PCIB cake that was delivered thrilled the celebrant and his family. Among the many who have ordered cakes from Nini, the friend who ordered this cake was the one who said she really could not compensate Nini enough for the time and effort Nini and the rest of the family put into creating the cake. Fondant cakes are very expensive abroad so this friend knew just how much a cake like this would have cost abroad.

Needless to say, this cake which was delivered May 24 was delicious when it was finally cut for eating


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