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Cakes by Nini is now in Tauranga, NZ


Cakes by Nini is now in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It's an entirely new adventure for her there and of course she brought her cake decorating equipment and skills with her to Middle Earth. Residents of the Tauranga and New Zealand's Bay of Plenty Area, if you're looking for a beautiful cake made just for you, you can be sure that Nini will be happy to oblige. 

Nini and her cakes

Nini learned to bake as a young girl in her Mom's kitchen. While in the middle of culinary school, her first few tries at making made-to-order fondant decorated cakes and cup-cakes showed a real gift for cake decorating. Now that she has graduated and received her toque (like a nurse getting her cap), there's every reason to be excited about her future as a chef.

Nini does a wonderful job with creating little figures with polymer clay and fondant. Sister Michelle, a popular artist in the pre-school where she teaches, often helps with the making of figures and with decorating the cakes and cup-cakes. Nini's sister Sarah, creator of Masaste's line of polymer clay necklaces, bracelets, bag holders, and other stuff also lends a hand when she's at home. Nini's Mom also assists with the Happy Birthday sign (her specialty), research for cake designs, lots of comments and suggestions on cake lay-outs, and promotions through the internet. Of course, Nini's Papa and everyone else enjoy it when Nini bakes because there is always left-over cake to eat.

Mayor's Cake

A gift cake intended for the mayor of a city can't be lacking in design and workmanship. A photo of the mayor in her office shows lavender shelves behind the mayor's desk, thus the lavender base. The miniature phone, reading lamp, desk memo-calendar, books, and handpainted logo of the city (upper right but the logo is not visible) show Nini's painstaking eye for detail.  The drawer that is slightly ajar to show a pink heart inside adds humor and surprise.  

This cake was picked up July 2, 2012 and brought all the way to La Carlota City by public bus. According to reports, it survived the longest trip, which is a relief to know.

Michael Jackson Topsy-Turvy Cake

The Michael Jacskson cake was ordered months in advance, giving Nini and her Mom time to dream up designs for an outstanding MJ cake. The aim is always to be able to add a cake that would be outstanding even in the galaxy of Michael Jackson cakes produced by other cake artists.

The red, black, and white theme colors were specially requested. The piano keys and notes are common in cakes with music themes. What makes this cake FUN, as should be any MJ cake, are it is topsy-turvy, it has keys falling off, a well sculpted Michael Jackson figure, and the gloved MJ letters that look like another figure because of the tilted hat. 

Even if one isn't a Michael Jacson fan, it is hard not to fall in love with this precious little gem. Looking at it, you wouldn't guess that as with  the making of most of Nini's other cakes, Nini and her Mom had their share of long stressful moments before they could declare the cake ready for picture taking and the cake box.

This cake was picked up for the Michael Jackson fan on June 30, 2012.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Fondant figures aren't all that difficult to make when the sculptor isn't trying to make the figure look like a publicly known character. That makes the modelling of a Minnie Mouse cake topper, a challenge for Nini's skills. the first Minnie Mouse figure took 5 hours of work but was replaced because it didn't quite look like Minnie Mouse. The figure that finally made it to the top of the cake shows the result of talent, skill, and a lot of patience and determination. The girlish Minnie Mouse with her legs crossed looks perfect on top of the embossed fondant of the upper layer of cake. The Minnie Mouse theme is repeated with round ears on the number 3 and the Minnie Mouse shapes that go nicely with the flower cut-outs. This pink, white, and lavender beauty adds to Nini's collection of dainty pastel creations. It was delivered June 21, 2012.

Laptop Cake

Who doesn't want to have a laptop in this day and age? And who said only kids can have fun with Plants and Zombies? This laptop cake was a daughter's gift to her Dad. There actually isn't much cake to eat, considering that to look like an actual size laptop, the cake for the body could not be too thick. The blue color and the Acer brand were by special request. Fortunately, there is an Acer in the house.

Nini began by making the keyboard then covering the cake with blue fondant and cutting out the rectangles for the keyboard and the ___. The right, left, and front sides of the body have all the features of the Acer, not just the side with the keyboard. 

Artwork on the computer monitor was by Nini's Mom. The picture is a composite of Plants vs. Zombies theme pictures and pictures of two of the celebrant's grandchildren. The most difficult part of the making of this cake was getting the monitor to stand securely. When she couldn't find a way to make her pastillage board stand, Nini opted for styrofoam covered with fondant. At least styrofoam will happily take in long  thin dowels that could be driven down into the box-board and styrofoam of the base.

The Laptop cake was personally delivered to the surprised celebrant in his office in the Bacolod New Government Center on June 27, 2012.

Safari Cake and Cupcake Ensemble

The fun that Nini has when making fondant figures is evident in this Safari Cake and Cupcake Ensemble. She promised to make only 9 small fondant figures for the cupcakes but one thing led to another. The animal cutouts on the lower cupcakes were first to be made. Although they look simple, the details have to be cut or stamped by hand. The cut-outs got rave reviews in facebook so Nini decided to make 3 D animal figures, which she is very good at making.

The chimpanzee cake is good-looking by itself, although one would think that bananas go better with chimps than do coconuts. It is also hard to think of coconut trees in safari lands. The chimp is very well made with indentations even on the figures and toes so with such cute little toppers for the cake and the cupcakes, who would think of finding anything wrong with the presence of coconuts?

This cake and cupcake ensemble was delivered on June 16, 2012